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Manufacturing without an MRP system is no longer practical. QCS Hub brings everything you need into one software so you can save time on admin, prevent recurring errors and improve overall efficiency, quality and on-time delivery.
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Your all-in-one MRP system for complete quality control

Make the jump to our digital MRP system for live visibility, total traceability and complete control. Watch as your productivity increases and errors decrease, saving valuable time and money. You’ll wonder how you managed for so long without it.


Setting up QCS Hub for your business will take just 4 weeks. Find out more about the onboarding process and bring quality control to the forefront of your business.

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QCS Hub puts everything you need in one place, no third-party integration needed. Build quotes, access orders, create invoices, manage inventory and deal with plenty more. Discover all features here.

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See the system in action to visualise how it can transform your production process. Get in touch to experience the potential yourself.

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We keep your data secure with firewalls, secure authorisation, permissions and privacy settings. Find out more for your peace of mind.

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We know it can be scary to change a core part of your operations, so get all the answers you need to take the first step.

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Dramatically reduce errors and save 2-4 hours per employee, per week.

Reduction in errors - 
Using QCS Hub stops mistakes taking place. This includes quote and order loading errors with two stage gated contract and engineering peer review.
Reduction in repeat NCRs - 
NCRs and concessions are visible on QCS Hub to prevent repeated errors. These are linked throughout the system with quality alerts and are automatically pushed to relevant orders.
Reduction in new NCRs
 - Experience a 67% decrease in new NCR instances after introducing QCS Hub to your processes. See how much time you save.
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You’re busy, QCS Hub saves time

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Software: Major Update
Drawing annotations Operation sign off to feed directly/create NCR’s...
Major Update 03/07/23
Serial numbers made more robust- serial numbers table, add...
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Have you been getting by with outdated production systems? QCS Hub is ideal for small manufacturers looking to make a change and go digital. Let us help you level up your process to save time, decrease errors and improve efficiency.

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